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Chaos Meditation Center engine

very important and constantly in use.
like a point connecting game.
i told you about the wave generator earlier.
this is part of the wave generator.
it is inside it.
actually how the wave generator works.
the crystals float in a wave generator.
the crystals float in space.
like neurons in your brain.
space is your extended brain.
if you imagine something.
you have to create it.
you draw in your brain.
in the internal coordinate system.
this is a 2d 3d 4d
the drawing engine and the physical engine work together.
the static drawing is brought to life by the physical motor.
when you add waves and other physical things.
go step by step practice in modeling and you will be very complex.
don’t forget you have mirroring, scaling, freeze saving and more.
anything you create and save later can be retrieved very quickly at any time.
it can be a simple wave pattern or a complex meditation.


you go deeper and deeper into meditation.
you dive in the seas.
you demolish the structure.
sometimes you arrive at the dna level.

the cell

this is not an easy ride.

it snakes like a kundalini.
it’s around you.
you are in it.
you got the key to dna and kundalini at the same time.
once i was there i walked through nicely.
with harmonic waves.
human dna is much the same as animals.
we had a common ancestor.
we for a while.
then we branched out like a tree.
i virtually made a base.
i built a wooden structure on it.
i virtually crossed the branches of the tree.
if i want to call an animal.
i think of it.
and its properties arrive in my brain.
ready to use 4 shaolin kung fu.

or swim with dolphins.
or something very similar.

resize to comfortable size.
you mount it on your wrist.
you connect it to your brain.
virtual dna module loader rdy.

remember we copy the cells at evry moment.
dna can store data.
if i control the dna.
then i can write into it.
but not just write as we write at every moment.
so just controll it.

dna rdy.

first the wave generator and dna loader/writer were separate.
but over time, the dna unit merged into the wave unit.
so now i have 2 more complex wave units due to the higher fault tolerance.

pure virtual from HU|ngry.


w.ave dna
w.ave 4
w.ave 4d doub. re.verze ~ [ld.d|]
w.ave [ar.z|bass|bridge|color|drum|poem||rap|refrain|rhythm|slam|verze|etc.]

resized to multiple sizes 4 quick switch.
place on my wrist like the clock.
to both my hands.
connected with virtual cables 2 my brain.
through the temple.
controlled by hybrid minds.
powered by the sun.



lancia delta integrale

.his is real vir.ual bio..ech.on.log.x from HUNgry.
HU|man power MBR.

manpower da vinci

hey.low all cleargreen?

reverse engine

már egy ideje gondolkodom, hogyan is szőjem bele a legkedvesebb “együttesem” » énekesem a történetbe.

google translate »

i think now is the time.
i owe a lot to him | k.
it is a complex virtual hardware thanks to the unique.

i examine everything by going around 360° and rotating it.
i always move forward by and/or
she is my mirror.

obviously this tool was not made in 1998 but gabi and the unique one was with me from the beginning.
at least i feel.