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Chaos Meditation Center


w.ave dna
w.ave 4
w.ave 4d doub. re.verze ~ [ld.d|]
w.ave [ar.z|bass|bridge|color|drum|poem||rap|refrain|rhythm|slam|verze|etc.]

resized to multiple sizes 4 quick switch.
place on my wrist like the clock.
to both my hands.
connected with virtual cables 2 my brain.
through the temple.
controlled by hybrid minds.
powered by the sun.



lancia delta integrale

.his is real vir.ual bio..ech.on.log.x from HUNgry.
HU|man power MBR.

manpower da vinci

hey.low all cleargreen?

space gear in more detail

simple pneumatic-hydraulic[bloody]-electric ai quant.zoom xupercomputer engine controlled by hybrid minds.

don’t you think we’re building a huge subwoofer to bend the space to move the solar system?
i showed a book at the beginning of the blog describing that we need to vibrate together for the big things.
but that is not enough.

first we need a little sync between us which we achieve with common music.
not exactly the same music.
everyone listens to their own music.
but the base is a common beat that branches into different styles.

so we need a …

okay the music was playing.
we vibrate together.
our heart beats.
pneumatic-hydraulic[bloody] rdy.

we use our brains.
active neural network.
pneumatic-hydraulic[bloody]-electric rdy.
operators sit in front of machines.
alone in the dark.
inside the matrix in strong meditation.
watching windows.

prizma. refraction. base colors.
thought waves.
think one.
system check.

red light, green light, one two three.
pneumatic-hydraulic[bloody]-electric ai quantum rdy.

you listen to the music and watch the stars.
you know the whole throbbing vibrates spinning.
huge timeless.
resize. you imagine it inside.

you hold your breath for a moment.

sum. waves.

remember take a …

térhajtómű – warp

warp engine.
we connect to the sun the sun to the other suns and to the nearby black hole and all the black holes.
the system is ready for billions of years we are the top of r.evolution so we just use the system.
gravity holds the system together, the task is to rearrange the space for ourselves by creating waves.
everything is controlled by our brain, we just have to think of a wave that is just right.
you don’t rearrange the .ime, .ime doesn’t matter, is important i know because i tried it and i’m just waiting for you to fly at last.
it is impossible to go back in time but to move forward with very faster
everyone thinks of the speed of light as the limit.
the light reaches m.ode.her.earh in 8.3 minutes but i am there in one thought.
it’s actually a direct relationship since i reached it, i haven’t let go.


standard level one starship plans

no plans needed.
we have been flying with this for billions of years.
he only needed a driver and I was right here.
i am only now reading that the sign of the sun is in the middle of a circle with a dot, which is also the sign of the god Re.
reverse Re is vein meaning in hungarian.
vascular network is quite important in humans and is directly related to the sun. interesting.
maybe you could start something with that.

okay, we have a starship, we have a driver, we have space, but we don’t have a target.
maybe the first target is alpha centauri?