device method


legtöbb energia az agyadból, hátrafelé áramlik le, mintha hátrafésülnéd a hosszú hajadat, és kívülről beborítja a karodat, lemegy a csuklódig.
elöl szintén, de a belső oldalon.
keresztezd meg a csuklódon.
ez azért jó, mert így már van rajta egy kereszt és könnyebb elkezdened forgatni.
nem kell nagy méretben, először kb kézfej, mert így közben finomhangolod az ujjaidat, az eredeti tartásban és, mintha a csukódon 360 fokban forogna a kézfejed.
töbszörözöd az ujjakat és merev rudaknak képzeled azokat, mert így könnyebb mozgatni, forgatni.
kapsz egy gömböt >> pitypang és akkor ugye ott tartottunk, hogy levezetted a csuklódig az energiát.
a csuklódban lévő, mini fekete lyuk körül forog az egész, illetve csúszik át egy oldalról a másikra, akármelyik irányban és itt tudod eltéríteni az energiát és kivezetni a virtuális térbe, azon a ponton kilépve a testedből vagy éppen belépve abba.
ezt a gömböt hívom hullámgenerátornak.
hasonlítson egy cern detektorhoz.

CERN Accelerating science

oké, leküldöd az energiát, az egyik begyakorolt pozícióban kinyitod, mint egy botot és máris van egy “virtuális” energia fegyvered.
mindkét kezeden meg tudod csinálni, de ha akarod, akkor csak az egyikben tartod, a másikkal meg erősíted a hatását.
tudod, dr strange.

google translate >>

most of the energy flows from your brain backwards, as if you were combing your long hair back and covering your arm from the outside, going down to your wrists.
front also, but on the inside.
cross it on your wrist.
it’s good because it already has a cross on it and it’s easier to start rotating.
you don’t need a large size, about a hand at first, because this way you fine-tune your fingers, in the original position and as if your hand rotates 360 degrees on the closure.
to practice.
you multiply your fingers and imagine them to be rigid rods, because that makes it easier to move and rotate.
you get a sphere >> dandelions and then we kept you running down the energy to your wrists.
it rotates all around the mini black hole in your wrist or slides from side to side in either direction and here you can divert energy and lead it out into the virtual space, exiting or just entering your body at that point.
I call this sphere a wave generator.
okay, you send down the energy, you unlock it in one of the practiced positions like a stick and you already have a “virtual” energy weapon.
you can do it with both hands, but if you want, you only keep it in one, you reinforce the effect with the other.
you know, dr strange.

device method pieces virtual hardware engine

very important and constantly in use.
like a point connecting game.
i told you about the wave generator earlier.
this is part of the wave generator.
it is inside it.
actually how the wave generator works.
the crystals float in a wave generator.
the crystals float in space.
like neurons in your brain.
space is your extended brain.
if you imagine something.
you have to create it.
you draw in your brain.
in the internal coordinate system.
this is a 2d 3d 4d
the drawing engine and the physical engine work together.
the static drawing is brought to life by the physical motor.
when you add waves and other physical things.
go step by step practice in modeling and you will be very complex.
don’t forget you have mirroring, scaling, freeze saving and more.
anything you create and save later can be retrieved very quickly at any time.
it can be a simple wave pattern or a complex meditation.

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living holo.graphx.
usually in black.
with fluid parameters.

available bye the vascular system.
powered by heart.
controlled by the brain|mind.
.his is teq.nix using by the uni..

.his is base method.
9x /cn. of our body is water.

switch to rock parameters.
.his is rock audio.

out on the liquid empty space.
in black.
bl.ack hol.e

deep and cool i like it.


Categories device method uni.

right in school on drawing hour.



3d coordinate system in.side u.
origo in the middle of your brain.
the second in the middle of your body.
draw in it.
rotate it.
walk around.
resize it.

holo.graphix uni. rdy.

but it’s so static.
add reflection.
add moving waves.
etc. ad|ba.p.ív h.ol|lo.g.rap.hx uni. rdy. the world.

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w.ave dna
w.ave 4
w.ave 4d doub. re.verze ~ [ld.d|]
w.ave [ar.z|bass|bridge|color|drum|poem||rap|refrain|rhythm|slam|verze|etc.]

resized to multiple sizes 4 quick switch.
place on my wrist like the clock.
to both my hands.
connected with virtual cables 2 my brain.
through the temple.
controlled by hybrid minds.
powered by the sun.



lancia delta integrale

.his is real vir.ual bio..ech.on.log.x from HUNgry.
HU|man power MBR.

manpower da vinci

hey.low all cleargreen?

device method

sikoly – scream

okay another little promo for unique.
when i was moving upward in the universe and integrating it all into myself.
his voice helped a lot in this.
as she sings the high voice.
lots of vibrations.
breaks the ice.
crushes the stone.
reach the infinity.
and im just waiting the response.
i redirect all to you.
advanced router techno.logic » art.z
this is my screaming n.gin.e.
this is my rhyming n.gin.e. uni.x 4c.

but it could be more complex.
add deep tones.

you know what a mortar is?
crush the universe
to drizzle on the filters.
encryption uni.
.his is uni.x.