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Chaos Meditation Center 4c b..r

ok .his is my fa.vori.e
very deep in my brain.
i. has been in me since an.zian.
i go. in.. .he dna.

using google translate »

i looked around.
but a few moments later i was already thinking about my ex-girlfriend.
that i’ll look in there then.
i’ll fix little.bit.
but i’m a code.x.
make a little program.
like observer in php.

if he unites with
be there in the middle of the fu.zion.
and my dna rewrite engine w.or.x.
and me to my ex.
apply globally.
make auto.
put it back.
for a better w.or.ld|
hehe i fuck the world.

you think it’s a joke.
i think this is completely true.
but there’s a grain of truth in every joke.


half life » valve » sc.rím » .his is my uni.x

75% chances that i’m fucking the whole world.
its funny.

but dont worry.
i’m a good god one.