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Chaos Meditation Center

how to use [ld.d|]

simple.| some waves in all directions and all levels. for responds.
bla bla bla …

ok little explain.

ada.p.ív 4d mirrored double reverse unit.
i love grandiose names. 😀

got the key from above.
maybe some alien communicating with me?
we are not alone.
i have 7 universes.
with plenty of life forms.
with their knowledge.

i start a deep scan in all directions on all levels.
using the scream unit inside chaos.
im waiting a little.
the system respond.
i process the answer with .he wave unit.
and redirect 2 others across .he ar.z unit 4 fas.r development.
im a .hief.

maintain the flow.
make it an auto thought.
put in the background.
bring to the fore from time to time.

i know i repeat myself many times.
practice makes perfect.