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Chaos Meditation Center

start the in.fusion – cracking of the brain

i pretty much described it earlier
but i describe it exactly

i looked at the hologram on the processor.
nice colours.
i know the prism.
and the base colors.
i saw the light reflected on a compact disc.
like lasers in a party.
i lit my brain.
i erase my brain.
next step.

i danced under the lamp with my eyes closed.
which illuminated from 3 directions.
like this.

from right to left.
front to back.
i looked into the sun every day.

with my eyes closed, aiming at the center of my front.
then directed to my left eye.
opening it for a moment.
directed to the center of the iris
in the middle of the pupil.
the same to the right eye.
if you repeat this for a many times.
light breaks through a gate in your brain.
the fusion starts in the middle of your brain.
you have a star inside you.
in.fusion in.side you.

you are re.