a.zen.e ben.nem – ad.1.zed zen .ech.on.log.x

a.zen.e ben.nem – .he mu.six in.side m.e.
i described earlier how i achieved zen.
bud|b.ha in.side me.
i described the chakras earlier.
i’m lazy.

so you don’t need lotus birth and something similar to meditation.
i do this virtually with my energies and my devices.
i am very fast because i am a maniac.
then i remembered reading somewhere shiva who had a lot of arms.
i thought it looks like a lot of arms because it moves very fast and we see it blurry.
like a hummingbird (colibri?)
okay let’s add a little speed.
and a little blur.
okay let me have a lot of hands and be faster.
i do this with my drawing engine and wave generator.
i developed it while
i described in.fusion earlier.
the dance and the fire and the sun are in.side me. shiva in.side me.

dancing shiva

sum up buddha and god shiva and god re in.side me.

ad.1.zed zen.e .ech.on.log.x rdy.
a.zen.e bennem|.he music in.side me.
so easy.