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Chaos Meditation Center

repair of spinal injuries

i described how i achieved fusion.
so this method tested by myself.
the same must be done.
illuminate the center of the pupil with a pulsed laser.
the stimulus runs through the nervous system.


after u close ur eyes.
you see your spinal cord shining in the dark.
normally it is straight
if you have an injury.
it twists and breaks.
with small delicate movements.
sometimes with strong jerks.
connect the torn parts.
equalize the energy.
rebuild restore flow.

the light regains the territory.
like an arc.welding or something similar.

very slow progress.

playground – játszótér

just thinking …

playground means in hungarian “játszótér”.
using google translate ~
játszó|tér > playground?|space

space > space|time > space|time fabric
play|ground > játék|talaj
játszótér > játékok > játékos | playground > games > gamer
játék|games > playtime
ground[play|space] > games > play > time > fabric
szóval a talajról|földről [ground|earth] játszunk téridőszövettel.

play hard go pro.

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