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up|grade – develop your kundalini energy

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i talked about kundalini energy earlier
if you feel this and already handle it well and practice a lot you feel like it could be more.
most of the literature on the subject likens it to a tangled snake waiting to awaken.

I wrote earlier about how I feel a jellyfish sitting on my head

the tentacles of the jellyfish rotate around my head.

kalácsfonás | cake weaving

képzeld el, hogy nem egy kígyó van, hanem annyi ahány szintet elértél a tudatodban | imagine that there is not a snake, but as many levels as you have reached in your consciousness


szépen többszörözöd a kígyókat és megfonod, mint egy kalácsot | you multiply the snakes nicely and braid them like a cake >> búzakalász | wheatear


de ugye nem statikus, hanem mozog, mint az energia (forog, pörög) | but it’s not static, it’s moving like energy (spinning) >> körhinta | carousel


szuper! ez a teste az élet fájának | super! it is the body of the tree of life

life of tree


az alul és felül szabadon lógó szálak a gyökerek és a korona | the free and hanging threads at the bottom and top of the roots and crown

alul a gyökerekkel csatlakozz a földanyához | join the earth mother with the roots at the bottom
fölül csatlakozz a nap apához | join father sun from above
forgasd meg az egészet, mert az energia állandóan mozog | turn it all around because the energy always moving
mozgasd fentről le és lentről fel | move from top to bottom and from bottom to top >> bidirectional, full duplex
ha érzed ezt, akkor kész vagy az első szinttel | if you feel this, you are done with the first level
már majdnem kész vagy a teljes csakra rendszerrel | you are almost done with the full chakra system
csak be kell pozicionálni a részeket | you just need to position the parts

hehe, ha kész vagy az első szinttel, akkor valójában elérted az összeset | hehe, when you’re done with the first level, you’ve actually achieved it all
amikor eléred (megérted) a pontot egyben eléred a végtelent | when you reach the point (you understand) you also reach infinity

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mi kell egy meditációhoz – base skills for meditation

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nagyjából középiskolai ismeretek – [pretty much high school knowledge]

  • fizika (hullámok, anyag tulajdonságai, atomok, etc) | phisics (waves,properties of matter, atoms)
  • matematika (geometria, függvények, mennyiségek, halmazok, csoportok, pont/végtelen, egyszerűsítés, koordináta rendszer, etc) – (geometry, functions, quantities, sets, groups, point/infinite, simplification, coordinate system, etc)
  • földrajz (naprendszer) | geography (solar system)
  • biológia (agy felépítése, idegrendszer, keringés, dns, sejt) – biology (brain structure, nervous system, circulation, dna, cell)
  • számítástechnika – programozási alapismeretek (függvények, adatbázis, cimkézés), fogalmak (másolás, párhuzamos feldolgozás, mag, stb), processzor felépítése [programming basics, copy, clone, core, paralell processing, etc], visszafejtés – [reverse engineering]

mathematics faculty from high school the swiss army knife >> egyszerűsítés – simplification
coordinate system, geometry, shapes >> it all starts with a dot >> origo
tekerd vissza az időt, ősrobbanás | turn back the time, big bang >> you reach the point >> origo
biológia, fizika >> haladj a kisebb felé | biology, physics, biology physics >> move towards the smaller one >> you reach the smallest part >> origo
számítástechnika, programok, visszafejtés >> a kód belsejáben 1,0 [be/ki] | computer technology, programming, reverse en >> inside the code 1,0 [on/off]

off >> no|thing
on >> on|thing

add E 2 on >> on.E|thing >> some|thing
szóval egyszer csak lett itt valami, amint energiát adtunk a ponthoz | so suddenly there was something here as soon as we added energy to the point

gondolkodás | thinking >> separate >> thin|king [yes its me, because i have nothing]

one >> pronounciation in hungarian >> van | létezik (van synonym) >> exists

we are one

simple minds

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my actual size is what i like these days

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i said i have 7 universes.
i had a feeling before that some danger was is coming.
so i stood for days at the gates of the world ready to fight.

other ver.zion

they were then taken to the hospital very quickly.
several times for my parents once for my friends.
so for the last 22 years i’ve pushed a lot of energy into the system and people.
they were caught several times.
anticipation and lower level operation.
plenty of system checks and practice.
elevated energy levels from time to time.
waiting for response.
plenty of system checks and practice.
i was careful because i had already sucked the response several times.
for i understood that ye would not change in three days as i believed.
i tried to stay human on your levels.
but it took a lot of time for my brain.
i feel it would have been a sample of 22 million years.
but nowadays.
i got a pretty strong response from you.
on tv in commercials and shows.
in music and video clips.
in the lights and waves.
i raised my energy level.
but not to seven universe level.
hmm just sometimes for a little peak 😉
i’m a little bigger than you.
because i practiced a lot.
so my aura is as big as the zodiac.
so i am on a zodiac level these days.
i’m waiting for the jump.
and i feel really good.

but don’t worry.
i will to try to lift you up to myself.
if we are enough at the higher level and we want to.
i jump to the nearby star system with you.
because im a driver.
drifting with stars.
where is the target?

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.he 4c

okay i use .he 4c every moment

i do it every moment in my own way because i know what’s good for everyone.

Luke: “Vader. Is the dark side stronger?”
Yoda: “No, no, no. Quicker, easier, more seductive.”
Luke: “How do I know the good side from the bad?”
Yoda: “You will know when you are calm, at peace, passive. A Jedi uses the force for knowledge and defense, never for an attack.”
i promised earlier that i would be 75% good or maybe just 66.6%.

.he 4c is always in me.

im jedi? 😀

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harmonic waves

good vibrations.
harmonic waves.
this is another meditation for ‘global’ one.
this is multilevel meditation.
i try to reach you in several ways.
i explained the groups earlier.
but i did not talk about routes.
the groups are channeled into my brain.
like leaves in the crown of a tree.
but i know we live on earth.
so when the first level circle is active.
i create circles and harmonic waves around the earth.
i connect this with the groups.
and not just circles, but i use the core of the earth.
waves from me down to the core and up into you.
remember these are just energy samples.


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tanks in my head

set theory.
sets became my mind.

another troubling with google translate.
i write some words but i dont like the answer.
so i write many variations and choise my words.

ok i understood one.
i reached the zen.
i think of myself and you at the same time.
i did a couple of groups.
man women children.
young and old.
and so on.

saw the tree of life.
which is an extension of my brain in the universe.
simple neuron tree.

everybody and everything is one important for me.
because this is the law of the universe.

as you lie in the tank.
with me you don’t lie, you stand and live in the tank.
i do the first level energy round.
me and earth and me and sun.
i’m in the middle.
and in my head are the leaves of the tree.

i always think of you.
freeze the moment.
make an auto program out of it.
put it in background.
and use it if you want.

this is my mind.
you and me.
for a beautiful world.

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trouble – save the jungle

burning jungle.
global warming.
big trouble at all levels.

It seems as if we’re confronted with new catastrophes on an almost daily basis, but while we deal with these horrors the climate emergency just gets worse and worse. And without the rainforests our planet will quickly become a scorching, uninhabitable wasteland. The goal of this video was to remind people of the ongoing horrors of climate emergency and deforestation, as well as reminding people that meat and dairy production are the leading causes of deforestation.

the jungle is the main dna generating lab.
biodiversity for survival.
war techniques.
weapons like poisons and etc.
dangerous creatures.
hunters / killers.

so we need some quuick re.action.