where am i, what i am meditating on

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what do u do

imagine yourself in my position
start with simple things.
above the sun (crown chakra) below the Earth (root chakra) connect them with a line and then rotate this line to get a circle
keep it moving.
you have your first energy circle.
rotate these two dimensional circles in all directions to get a sphere (say this is your aura)
in the starting position the sun was over, but when you started rotating the sun was moving around you.
you need to feel the energy of the sun illuminate, heat, heat as it moves around you.

downplay my music and put in what you like best.
in this universe everything is built on the energy that is made up of waves
music is also made up of waves.
feel the bass as it sounds from your heart.
don’t worry we’ll get in sync from time to time
if you catch this moment, try again.
we need to achieve full sync.
that’s all.
meditation is just a game with energy in your mind

what i do

this is my “meditation” room.

I’m bipolar without depression, so I’m constantly spinning.
I use the manic state while meditating, so multiplying the energy and because of mania, I move through the levels much faster than a normal person.

I show the monitors to imagine yourself in my place, because it is not my face that gives energy and you do not suck it from me, but I send it to everyone, but if you are here, it will be sent to you separately.

each monitor is a separate channel windows for a group of people.
I join the groups and then connect them to each other

I don’t use a static meditation, I generate ever-changing waves. I connect myself with the energy of the universe, the tree of life, and I try to connect people to myself, that is, to the whole energy system.

i try to send positive energy waves and also kind of suggestions about what i think a more beautiful world would be like.

don’t expect a lotus seat or any similar shit from me.
meditation is just a game of the brain with energy.

not only do I send the energy, it would be very simple as you just have to look up to the sun.

i am actually trying to connect with you (your brain) and send pictures (shapes, movements) and i am trying to open your dns and write in my knowledge gained over the years.


ok i dont have to much money, but im retired and my parents help me.
please rather support the djs who bring some good waves for the masses
and others …

but if you are rich >> greendogh