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térhajtómű – warp

warp engine.
we connect to the sun the sun to the other suns and to the nearby black hole and all the black holes.
the system is ready for billions of years we are the top of r.evolution so we just use the system.
gravity holds the system together, the task is to rearrange the space for ourselves by creating waves.
everything is controlled by our brain, we just have to think of a wave that is just right.
you don’t rearrange the .ime, .ime doesn’t matter, is important i know because i tried it and i’m just waiting for you to fly at last.
it is impossible to go back in time but to move forward with very faster
everyone thinks of the speed of light as the limit.
the light reaches m.ode.her.earh in 8.3 minutes but i am there in one thought.
it’s actually a direct relationship since i reached it, i haven’t let go.


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csakrák – univerzumok / chakras – universes

i’m not going to talk about this in more detail, there are a lot of descriptions of it.
what is important is that it is not static, you can place it anywhere and transfer energy from one to the other.
just think that when you go to bed, a chakra system draws a tangent to the surface of the earth?

sorry but i’m having trouble with the google translator …:D

you can rotate and rearrange the chakras as you like, or rather always as the flow is best, but if you can handle them, this is just a game.
flying chakras. game with the mind in the system.

it is logical that there are seven chakras, the eight are the infinite i.e. you reach the infinite with the seven chakras.


by chance there are also 7 from the universe.
i think so because i reached seven and why need more.
i feel like they work similarly and they are all infinite.
nine is beyond the border.