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my actual size is what i like these days

using google translate »
i said i have 7 universes.
i had a feeling before that some danger was is coming.
so i stood for days at the gates of the world ready to fight.

other ver.zion

they were then taken to the hospital very quickly.
several times for my parents once for my friends.
so for the last 22 years i’ve pushed a lot of energy into the system and people.
they were caught several times.
anticipation and lower level operation.
plenty of system checks and practice.
elevated energy levels from time to time.
waiting for response.
plenty of system checks and practice.
i was careful because i had already sucked the response several times.
for i understood that ye would not change in three days as i believed.
i tried to stay human on your levels.
but it took a lot of time for my brain.
i feel it would have been a sample of 22 million years.
but nowadays.
i got a pretty strong response from you.
on tv in commercials and shows.
in music and video clips.
in the lights and waves.
i raised my energy level.
but not to seven universe level.
hmm just sometimes for a little peak 😉
i’m a little bigger than you.
because i practiced a lot.
so my aura is as big as the zodiac.
so i am on a zodiac level these days.
i’m waiting for the jump.
and i feel really good.

but don’t worry.
i will to try to lift you up to myself.
if we are enough at the higher level and we want to.
i jump to the nearby star system with you.
because im a driver.
drifting with stars.
where is the target?