method pieces

cutting slicing counting timeless >> timing

using google translate »

i’ve talked about time before
that it suddenly melted, ceased, stopped.
i ate the time.
time is inside me [timeless]

khmm. chronos inside me.
i count everything.
1 2 3 …
i’m slicing something in the kitchen.
i heat something in the microwave.
i spin the reels in the casino [to check the random generator]
the sun is broken down into hours, minutes, seconds [cutting]
add more resolution » ms/ns » go deeper » freeze » add more cutting / slicing / resolution » you grow.
i talked about the wave generator earlier radar.
using it to slice the space in all directions [2d slices like ct|slicing]
from right to left, front to back, top to bottom and all mirrored / rotated.
the shapes are drawn from the sections and you get the map.
all this is important so that when you jump and maneuver between the stars in space time, you are always in the right place at the right time [timing].
or when you fuck the world using the observer »