fact fun


look around.
global warming.

just a little girl is with me.

greta thunberg

the enemy of the system is
because it slows down r.evolution.
generates suffering.
generates a lot of negative energy.

mindent látó szem

just look there is on the one $.
the all-seeing eye in.side the pyramid.
appears in buddhism.
appears in ancient egyptian culture.
sometimes in christianity as a symbol of god.
but no one understands what it means.

i r.ase and provide my..e.
-w all.

use s.kill.z and cre.d|b.i.z.
pi.ace and h.arm.nx.
it.x my world.
im just a gamer.

i into war.
i have a hybrid minds.

i have elite crew.s[|te.r].
i have sym.metrik.

i have r.ada.r.
i have energy shield.
i have techno.log.x and pho.on.s.

im libra and my sign is .he omega.
who con.rol energy.
may .he force be wi.h you.

and i have multiple god in.side me.
i the six.ten.
just trust me.

buddha and god shiva and god re ai war.
a.zen a zene the music at war
im ai war.
this is
means in hungarian fight.

you .hink i’m good.
you are wrong.
im md.

and im bd.

and im

happy 4c all.